SWIT Seeks Policies to Protect Women Entrepreneurs 


The Society of Women in Taxation (SWIT), Lagos State Chapter, has charged the federal government to formulate policies to ensure maximum security and protection for growth-oriented women entrepreneurs in the country.

Chairperson of SWIT, Lagos State Chapter, Dr Titilayo Fowokan, emphasized this during the society’s new year get-together ceremony in Lagos.

According to Fowokan, addressing  the challenge of insecurity confronting women  and their investment,in addition to creating an enabling environment,  is essential to  achieving sustainable  development goal, SDG five, that aimed to see to the empowerment of women.

Fowokan also stressed the need for tax authorities to  offer clarity around various tax policies to achieve a significant level of compliance to meet their tax revenue targets.

She insisted that more women still lacked understanding of the tax laws, causing them not to perform their obligations or doing it in a wrong way.

“This is why our programme this year will focus strongly on  providing update and clarification on tax laws, policies and importance of  compliance. By so doing, we believe we will be able to educate more professional and career women as well as  women in the informal sector for voluntary tax compliance.”

She noted further that SWIT enlightenment programme extends to educational institutions at both primary and secondary schools level.

“We shall engage students with debates, quiz competitions and more to enable them express and share knowledge of their understanding of taxation and the Nigerian tax laws.

“This is a deliberate move on our part to catch the future tax payers at a much younger age such that they won’t misinterpret their civic responsibility as a burden in the future”

Earlier, she stated the purpose of the annual get-together celebration is to bring members and families together to network, merry, unwind, connect as they start the new year.