Tinubu Congratulates Uzodinma on Supreme Court Victory


The All Progressives Congress (APC) national leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, thursday congratulated Senator Hope Uzodinma on his gubernatorial victory at the Supreme Court last Tuesday.

He also hailed the people of Imo State and all Nigerians “who believe in justice and seek the truth.”

Tinubu stated in a statement signed by him, and made available to THISDAY yesterday, that: “The Supreme Court’s proper and fair decision declaring Uzodinma as the rightful governor of Imo State was indeed a victory for truth and justice in Nigeria.

“Foes of justice and democracy had engineered a plot by which the improper and willful exclusion of over 200,000 valid votes cast for Uzodinma would deny him the office the people of Imo State had chosen him to fill. The wrongful exclusion of such a vast number of valid votes threatened to turn the Imo State governorship election into an unfortunate rejection of the sovereign will of the electorate.”

He added that “it was imperative that this injustice be corrected and in line with its responsibility, the Supreme Court carefully reviewed the case. “Recognising the obvious impropriety and unfairness of the exclusion, the apex court objectively and impartially ruled in favour of the people and in support of democracy.”

The former Lagos State governor added that the Supreme Court prudently and judiciously rose to the occasion as “the defender of our constitution by rendering the only judgment that could protect the democratic rights and the collective will of the people of Imo State.

“This decision underscores the role of the courts in safeguarding democracy and bolsters public faith in the integrity of our judiciary to fulfill this vital mission.

“Yesterday’s decision proves that the court has both impartiality and the integrity to pursue justice and follow the evidence wherever it may lead.”

He, therefore, commended Uzodinma for his determination in pursuing the case to the end and applauded his faith that the judicial system would ultimately restore justice.

“Where others might have given up, he continued relentlessly in his pursuit of justice. His perseverance has now been rewarded with the restoration of his mandate. In effect, Imo State new governor lived up to his very name, Hope! Indeed, Hope never gave up hope!

“The apex court has now spoken. Its decision is final. Therefore, there is nothing to be gained from speculation or second-guessing. The time has come for the people of the state to unite and work towards a brighter future under Senator Uzodinma.

“For the new governor, the real work begins now. He must dedicate himself to establishing a government that transforms the fortunes of the people. I urge Uzodinma to reach out to those who opposed him. He must let them know that he bears no grudges and seeks well for all people of the state.

“Also, I know this is a disappointment for Chief Emeka Ihedioha and his supporters. I urge him to take solace in the fact that you conducted a spirited and vibrant campaign and hope that he and his supporters will now respect the ruling of the court. There remains a place for them in working for the betterment of the state,” Tinubu said in the statement.