Expert Explains Benefits of Technology in Education


A technology analyst,

Chris Opetiyan has emphasised that technology can provide innovative solutions to the challenges confronting the education sector if fully embraced and effectively utilised.

“It is no news that the state of education in Nigeria is in dire need of academic curriculum revamp, infrastructure upgrade and increased funding. In addition to these are several other challenges, including lack of teacher innovation, lack of involvement from parents, overcrowded classrooms among others which if addressed would help to reduce poverty, boost economic growth and increase income.”

According to him, one of such technological innovation essential for operating schools effectively and revolutionising classrooms are school management softwares. “These softwares are platforms designed to automate schools diverse operations from classes to exams to school events calendar.

“More importantly, these platforms improve and provide better insight into student performance and attendance. EdTech platforms such as educare are rapidly changing the game and disrupting Nigeria’s education system for the better. The leading school management software saves time and provides better insight into performance, attendance, class and school-wide view, demographic and biological data, medicals and so much more for students at the nursery, primary and secondary level. “Parents are also informed in real time scale, of the activities and performance of their children through a readily available and regularly updated news feed.

The adoption of education technology solutions such as educare will mean more individualised approach for students, increased parental involvement, creative teaching by educators and overall better outcomes. This would also mean increased access to content and instruction for learning everywhere and at any time.”

He stated that the emergence of technology has seen various sectors and industries across the world radically transformed for the better. “The education sector is no different with innovative technology solutions rapidly altering how schools operate with better outcomes for all stakeholders involved, including students, parents, teachers, school owners and even the society. “Educare is one of such disruptors in the country’s education sector providing tools needed for stakeholders to efficiently manage school life and drive improvement in learning outcomes.”

As a school administrator, Mrs. Elfrida Omole shared her initial doubt and reservation with embracing technology for her school, saying, “we were initially worried using an edtech platform will be somewhat complex, but we are glad we took the bold step educare is a great software that has helped schools like ours succeed better. Our teachers use educare tools to deliver their lessons more efficiently, our parents stay connected using their parent app and also running of the school has been a lot easier because you can access relevant data easily and faster.

“In a world where technology has the power to transform and revolutionise industries, it’s time for educators to adopt innovations to ensure that this generation of children are better educated in the context of this hyper-connected digital era.”