GEPCare Foundation to Hold Human Trafficking Summit in Ireland


The indifference to human abuse and exploitations around the world has taken a negative toll on the society.

Therefore, the GEPCare Foundation has concluded plans to organise a two-day summit to fight against human trafficking with the theme: ‘Getting Involved’ in Ireland.

The summit, according to the organisers, will feature a seminar, the movie screening of ‘Osato’, a movie based on the true story of a trafficked victim, who raises awareness on the ills of human trafficking, and a fundraiser geared at engaging industry stakeholders; the flashpoint demography and the government in order to commit to working together in line with

the global goals of United Nations against the trafficking of persons.

Riding on the valuable partnership it has with reputable government bodies and organisations, such as the Nigerian Embassy, the Office of the Deputy

Senate President of Nigeria, and support from the Department of Justice and

Equality, the GEPCare Foundation said it aimed to use this summit to bring more awareness and shine more light on the stigma, whilst seeking ways to reduce it to its possible minimum.

The Foundation said: “We urge you, with a sense of urgency, to join this multilateral action! We invite you to attend this life-changing summit that aims to contribute to the exposure and reduction of human trafficking beast. It is time to speak out.”