Life after Power…Florence Ajimobi Completes Multimillion-naira Mall


For those who are in the know, nothing really ends. Even human life, in all its vastness and tangled complexity, is something that continues on in the legacy of progeny, of enduring ideas, of hope and ambition. The embers left from earlier fires, the light in the eye grown dim, wrote Walt Whitman, duly flames again. The phoenix of Oyo State, Florence Ajimobi, is flaming again.

The fair and striking woman who is Florence Ajimobi, the former first lady of Oyo State, is recognized in the state and in Nigeria as a woman remarkable in beauty and a brandished intelligence. Besides her political status as the scaffold behind former Governor Abiola Ajimobi, her family tree identifies her as unique: born in Benin City of Edo State, Nigeria, but hailing from the Hajaig Lebanon family of renown.

When their time as First Lord and Lady of Oyo State ended sometime last year, friends and relatives of the Ajimobis understood that it was just a change of pace and that the couple would emerge from within another sphere of society. Especially Madam Florence, who has always possessed a streak of untameable eminence about her. And they were correct.

Shortly after leaving office, Madam Florence launched a book, an appropriately designated gem titled, My Life Like A Rainbow. If ever she was thought to be a shy individual ignorant of her wares, that was her bubble-pricking, coming-out party. But that, from the state of things, was only the beginning.
Florence Ajimobi is back in business! The launching of her 35-year-old establishment has added a new shine to Ibadan, the Oyo State Capital.

The new mall, Grandex Mall, is an ultramodern shopping centre located at number 43, M.K.O. Abiola Way, Ringroad, Ibadan. An extensive shopping arcade for the up and up of society, Grandex Mall is an enticing luxury spot with wares that blow the mind.

At the opening, relatives and friends of the Ajimobi clan were present, congratulating and celebrating Madam Florence. A company she registered in 1982, with her husband’s help, has flourished into a family business that might rival the principalities of retail in no time.