Northcourt Organises Forum on Real Estate Market Outlook


Northcourt Real Estate will today host the Nigeria Real Estate Market Outlook Breakfast meeting and Networking session, in Lagos.

The three main speakers at the event are the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Graeme Blaque, Mr. Zeal Akaraiwe, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Northcourt Real Estate, Mr. Tayo Odunsi and Chief Operating Officer (COO) & Director, Real Estate Advisory at Northcourt, Mr. Ayo Ibaru.

The event is hosted in collaboration with Home Work Group.

According to a statement, Ibaru would be speaking on the performance of the Nigeria Real Estate Market in 2019. Using recent data, he would highlight the prevailing transaction dynamics, mistakes made, lessons learnt, key adjustments and opportunities in the various real estate asset classes will be analysed.

Also, Akaraiwe would be sharing his thoughts on the state of Nigeria’s economy. He is expected to look at what should be done and what should be avoided?

“Zeal is considered one of clearest thinkers on economics, financial markets and investing. He will do a concise review of the new finance bill and its implications to the real estate market and investments. He will then close with some direction as to what private investors or corporate players in Nigeria’s industry should be doing,” the statement added.

Odunsi would be drawing on recent research and extensive experience as a real estate economist to discuss the 2020 outlook for the Nigeria real estate market, the clear opportunities and the investment decisions that will make for a profitable year.

“He will be sharing ground-breaking research, projecting the performance of the various sub-markets of Nigeria’s real estate market,” it added.