Mercy Johnson’s ‘Legend of Inikpi’

Mercy Johnson

With her experience in countless movies, Nollywood star, Mercy Johnson-Okojie has surely put her money where her mouth is with her first feature film production, The Legend of Inikpi, writes Ferdinand Ekechukwu

A look at her career trajectory shows an endless filmography in different genre of her craft spanning 15 years. Understandably, that might not be a yardstick for talented Nollywood star, Mercy Johnson-Okojie, as an actress, to at least come up with a movie production, as she has just done in an upcoming movie titled “The Legend of Inikpi”.

Dubbed “An original Kogi tale”, the movie is one that is very special to her as it takes the actress back to her roots, to tell a seemingly epic tale that is not completely different from the pack of Nollywood movies in that genre; at least from the synopsis. The movie is a tale of the exploits of one of Nigeria’s fabled heroines.

With her debut production, the eclectic actress is expanding her movie career with her serving as an executive producer on set of her upcoming first feature film, for which she has just teased her viewers with what is to come. The Okene indigene of Kogi State some days back had taken to her Instagram page to announce the upcoming film, which hits cinemas this month of January 2020.

Going by her social media post, the Kogi State senior special assistant on entertainment, arts and culture noted, “I have always wanted to tell Nigerian stories, particularly stories about women who did great things and who are even still doing greater things, which is why the story of ‘The Legend of Inikpi’ is dear to me.”

Set in the ancient Kingdoms of Igala and Bini, ‘The Legend of Inikpi’ tells a compelling tale of two kingdoms on the brink of war. When the Oracle informs King Attah of Igala Kingdom of the human sacrifice demanded by the gods, the king plunges into despair; haunted by the ghosts of his past, this is a sacrifice he is not prepared to give!

In the short visual of the new movie, there’s the scene of the stunning cinematography and the setting of a tale that should inspire many when it arrives. There is a scene of the popular actress in labour and her reply to one of the midwives encouraging her is both witty and humorous. “You can do this….,” the midwife tells her character, the queen.

She responds, “What does this seem like I’m doing… chewing of kolanut?” of note is the location, the background sound familiar and a befitting cast. Directed by Frank Rajah Arase, the historic drama features popular Nollywood actors Odunlade Adekola, Sam Dede, Paul Obazele, Mercy Johnson-Okojie, Saheed Balogun and newbie, Nancy Ameh.

Born in Lagos, Mercy has countless movie roles to her credit and sure putting her money where her mouth is with this production, The Legend of Inikpi. Right after her secondary education, ‘Dumebi The Dirty Girl’ auditioned for a role in The Maid.

She would subsequently perform in other movies such as Keziah, Hustlers, Take Me Home, Kill The Bride, Baby Oku in America, War in the Palace, Power of A Kiss, Wealth Aside, Twist of Fate, The Scorpion God, and The Last Tradition. In 2009, she won an award for Best Supporting Actress at the 2009 African Movie Awards ceremony and won Best Actress award at the 2013 Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards for her role in the comedy movie Dumebi the Dirty Girl.