‘Warri Nor Dey Carry Last’, ‘Revolutionary Leader’ Launch in Lagos

L-R: Major IO Idede, Book Reviewer and Wife, Mr Segun Adeleye, Mrs Segun Adeleye, Author of the books, Mr Oseyande Idede, Chairman of the occasion, Chief Cyril Ajagu, Human Rights Activist, Mr Segun Awosanya, and President, FUTA Alumni Worldwide, Mr Olaitan Adesanya, at the launch of the books, 'Warri Nor Dey Carry Last', and 'The Portrait of a Revolutionary Leader' held in Lagos.

Sunday Ehigiator

Social Commentator, Idede Oseyande, has launched two of his latest literary works, ‘Warri Nor Dey Carry Last’, and ‘The Portrait of a Revolutionary Leader’ aimed at drawing attention to some leadership issues plaguing our Nigeria and its people, and proffering likely solutions to same through satiric and objective manners respectively.

The books which were recently launched in Lagos State, according to the author, was inspired out of his concern for the leadership failures in the country.

While ‘The Portrait of a Revolutionary Leader’, has the image of popular Human Rights Activist, Mr. Segun Awosanya, (a.k.a Segalinks) on its cover page as an example of a revolutionary leader, and uses the biblical story of Nehemiah to likewise portray one; ‘Warri Nor Dey Carry Last satirically draw readers attention to the realities corruption in Nigeria at different sphere.

Speaking about what inspired the books, Oseyande said they were Inspired by the burning desire to fix the leadership problem of Nigeria..

“I grew up as a child with this burden of fixing Nigeria, perhaps due to my exposure to the life and times of Mahatma Gandhi at the age of 10.

“As I grew older, it became clearer to me that the core of our problems is the type of leaders we have. This lead to my first publication with the title, ‘What Is Left Of What Is Right’, published in 2016.

“After that publication, my readers seemed to see the reechoing of the problems without a solution, and I had to put down a more succinct roadmap and yardstick in this new work with ‘The Portrait (Yardstick) of a Revolutionary Leader’.

“In essence, the book was inspired by my passionate concern to fix the leadership problem of Nigeria.

“The second book, ‘Warri No Dey Carry Last’ was also spurred by my concern in fixing our attitudinal and behavioral pattern. The book was inspired by a growing trend in our nation where we gloss over evil and call what is bad good and term stealing smartness.”

On the message he is passing across with the books, he said, “the messages I intend to pass across with both books is to imbibe the right attitude in the followers as well as the leaders. To let all intending leaders know the challenges and also show them a real example as seen in the life of Nehemiah of old.

“Both books cost just N3,500 per copy. It can be ordered online via Amazon or through my official website, https://socialwatchdog.ng/shop/.” He said

Also speaking, the book reviewer, Segun Adeleye, cautioned against being emotional about the leadership failure in Nigeria. Adeleye said it was important to state that every leader was once a follower, and emphasised that for anyone to be qualified to criticise a leader; he ought to have served and faced hopeless situations where the majority is displeased with truth.

“Sentiments are easily set about leadership failures in our country and across the globe, but the questions remain, will a better result be achieved if one is privileged to attain the seat of leadership.

“What does one have that the leader lacks? What does one know that he does not know? This leader we frequently criticise did not drop from another planet. He is a brother or a sister; does the same things we do, we are all the same,” Adeleye explained.