Youths Charged to Use Social Media for Growth


Ugo Aliogo

Youths have been charged to use social media for personal advancement and growth instead of engaging in conversations and online content that offer little benefit.

The author of ‘What They Don’t Tell You About Being Single’ Tumininu Olaoshun, gave the advise recently in Lagos during the launch of the book.

Speaking on the newly launched book, she said the book focuses on her life’s journey, the lessons learnt, daily experience as a Christian in her 20s and singlehood.

Speaking with THISDAY on the sidelines of the launch, Olaoshun stated that social media is good, but urged youths to use it for productive ventures such as sports, finance, academics, politics, and also to follow their role models in their chosen endeavour.

“Use the internet for social gains and personal development. Use the internet for positive gains, instead of liking and commenting on posts that are of less importance.

“Use the internet to build your social networks and relationships. For young people, they need to be focused on what they are doing and use the internet to their advantage,” she noted.

She explained that if a young person wants to follow a particular career path, there is need to find role models in that profession and follow their example, adding that there is need for a young person to have a vision, and focus on what he/she wants to achieve.

Olaoshun charged youths to work towards their goal, stating that young people should address who are they, “and what they have been called to do, so that when the pressures come, they remember. When you are on social media, manage your time.”

Shedding more light on ‘What They Don’t Tell You About Being Single’, Olaoshun said that it challenges readers to examine the purpose of God for their lives and fulfill such purpose.

“It charges the reader to apply divine reflection on life decisions and relate it with a chapter of the bible.”
According to her, “The book sheds light on sex, following biblical principles and what it looks like in the 21st century. It also focuses on dealing with pressure from family and friends.

“The book talks about women having lists and criteria for life and how realistic those criteria are. The focus is as a woman, you have expectations about a person making X-amount of money, but the question is, are you making a reasonable amount for yourself?

“The book also focuses on using your time as a single person purposefully such as developing yourself in creative ventures, schooling and other things. The book talks about different aspects of single life. The key focus is to make readers to reflect and utilise their time as a single person very well.”