Re: Who Will Save Kawo from KEDCO


Our attention has been drawn to a letter’ written by Yusuf Nagi Ahmed with the above caption, published in THISDAY Newspaper of Monday, December 23, 2019.

As a responsible corporate citizen and service provider, we take all constructive criticism as a wake-up call and essential stimulant to make the much needed improvement in our services.

As such, this is not a rejoinder per say, but a conscious effort to put the issues under review in proper perspective and correct the misinformation contained in the said article.

To put the record straight, the 500KVA transformer located at Kawo bus stop, Kaduna, failed on 25th November 2019 (and not 45 days ago as erroneously claimed by Yusuf) due to a technical fault. Our engineering crew on the same day carried out a comprehensive test on the transformer and concluded that the transformer’s winding is affected and must be taken to the workshop for repairs.

In line with our customer-centric policy and tradition, the community, through the Ward Head (Mai Anguwa ), Alh Isiyaku Garba was duly informed of this development.
Consequent upon series of discussions between the company and the community, the transformer was taken for repairs on Friday, 13th December 2019.

It is pertinent to state here once again that Kaduna Electric has not and will never ask any customer or community to make payment other than the one recognised and accepted by regulation. It is therefore strange to hear that some amount was either demanded by or received from anybody. Certainly, not by any officer or office of the company.

The only obligation on electricity users is the payment of their bills.

On the issue of prepaid meters, it is obvious that Yusuf Nagi Ahmed is unaware of the development in Kaduna Electric in particular and the nation’s electricity industry in general.

The NERC approved Meter Asset Providers (MAPs) for the company are already on ground in all the four franchise states of Kaduna Electric and have since commenced meter deployment to customers who applied as the regulation stipulated.

Our call to Malam Ahmed is to visit our website,, to apply for prepaid meter if he is interested. We are surprised that Yusuf Nagi Ahmed was silent on the cause of the bus stop transformer’s failure.

At the risk of repeating the already stated fact, that transformer developed a fault due to inter-connection of two transformers by some unpatriotic citizens within the Kawo bus stop community; this fact was confirmed, verified and made known to some leaders of the community, including Alh Isiyaku Garba.

We have at various occasions in the past cautioned against such unwholesome act; our customers will do a lot of good to service reliability and to power supply infrastructure serving them if we collectively guard against inter-connection and other unauthorized tampering with power supply equipment.

The Kawo community is not under any threat; in fact, no customer or group of customers of Kaduna Electric in the four franchise States of the company- Kaduna, Kebbi, Sokoto and Zamfara- are under any threat from us. Hence, the ‘search for a saviour’ from Kaduna Electric is misplaced.

For the umpteenth time, we sincerely apologise to our customers on the Kawo Bus stop substation for the service disruption and regret the inconveniences caused them, while assuring all of our unwavering commitment to service excellence.

Abdulazeez Abdullahi,
Head, Corporate Communication,
Kaduna Electric