Greensprings School Organises Christmas Shows to End 2019


As part of the tradition of ending the year with celebrations, Greensprings School recently organised Christmas shows across its four campuses, including Anthos House, its school for special needs education.

The shows were attended by parents, members of staff of the school and well-wishers, and the students thrilled the attendees with stunning performances.

Speaking at the Ikoyi Campus Christmas show with the theme ‘A Midwife Crisis’, a parent, Mrs. Onayimi Aiwerioghene said: “I have never seen a school’s Christmas show production this good. The costumes were perfect and the storyline of the nativity of Jesus dramatised from a midwife’s perspective was compelling.

“The midwife heard the news of a king that is going to be born soon, so she wanted to be the person to take the delivery and be glorified. She believed that kings are supposed to be born in the palace; so she ran helter-skelter in Jerusalem, looking for the palace where Mary would give birth to King Jesus only to discover that Jesus has been born in a stable. And rather than Jesus needing the midwife for his delivery, it was the midwife that needed Jesus, so as to be safe and free from sins.”

She added: “The teachers put in a lot of effort in preparing the students for the show and the students did very well. I enjoyed the show as it was filled with excitement from beginning to end. Kudos to the teachers.”

The themes for the Christmas shows at Lekki and Anthony Campuses were ‘AIDA’ and ‘Revelations’ respectively and the parents that witnessed the shows said they were captivated by the presentations of the students.

The school’s Head of Corporate Strategy, Mr. Uche Ogbu also expressed satisfaction with students’ performances in the Christmas shows across all four campuses.

According to him, “even though we are very serious with academics and five of our students emerged Top in Country in this year’s IGCSE exam, we take extra-curricular activities very serious. The stunning performances of our students in these shows support the fact that we are a school that provides well-rounded education.”

Greensprings School was established in 1985. The school offers preschool, elementary and secondary education at its Anthony, Ikoyi, and Lekki campuses in Lagos.