Going to Next Level: Nana Otedola Repositions Garment Care


This is simply a story about two old friends: Nana Otedola and Adeola Bali. It is a tale of two sittings: one of a boss, the other of a manager.

Nana, the glowing lady of the Otedola clan is one of the most celebrated women in Nigeria. However, rather than walk gracefully in the light of paparazzi and public photo clicks, Lady Nana has chosen to waltz in privacy. There is almost never a picture of her alone, or caught in a terrible, unflattering position – or caught at all, except there is a daughter or two in the background. If ever there is a cathedra for a private-public celebrity, there is no truer candidate than Nana Otedola.

Adeola Bali, on the other hand, is not quite a shy personality as her friend and old boss. She has been described as a stylish, corporate amazon. Basically, hers is the case of brain and bravura, fashion and flair, grace and glamour. Of all that set her apart from the coterie of polished, classy and star-shine Nigerian ladies, her career path is perhaps the most eminent.

Although Lady Adeola holds a B.Sc. in Economics and Accounting from the University of Southampton and is also a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales, she has managed to make her mark on more than just the financial industry. From banking to aviation, to entertainment and telecommunications, Lady Adeola has shown resilience and flexibility of faculty. Which might explain how she got to manage Nana’s Garment Care in the first place.

Garment Care is the brainchild of Nana. It was set up sometime in the 90s by her hubby, Femi Otedola, Nigeria’s foremost oil magnate. In a time when most Nigerians cared little for washing machines and sparkling habiliments, the power couple managed to make it work. Currently, Garment Care is – some say – the topmost dry-cleaning establishment in Africa.

Until recently, Nana played the role of overseas boss, while Adeola played the local madam – under the supervision of her madam at the top. But the latest gist is that the equation has changed: Nana is back in town and retired Adeola. With Lady Nana now running her own company in her own capacity, Garment Care is set to soar even higher.