Timmy Macnicol: When I Was Younger, Every Night, I Meet RMD in My Dream

Timmy Macnicol:

Fast rising Nollywood actress, Timmy K Macnicol sparks a success story of a unique mind. Her journey into Nollywood started many years ago and has gradually grown into productions, as well. She shares with Tosin Clegg her Nollywood journey, productions, obsession with veteran actor, Richard Mofe Damijo, plans for 2020 and more

My Outgoing year

The year 2019 has been a very great and amazing year for me. A lot of good things have been happening. I pray God takes us to see the end of the year. I can’t wait to see 2020. It has been a great and wonderful year for me. I recently screened my new movie, Just One Blood in Nigeria. Students love the story and what it portrays. It is unfortunate that I couldn’t make it to the event because I live in the UK and I wasn’t planning to come to Nigeria as at that time. My director, Teco Benson and others were there to make sure everything went well. I must say after the screening in Lagos, I got a call from Spain that they want to buy the film from us. This is indeed a big step. Hopefully, the movie would go round Africa and other parts of the world, so that people could watch and learn from it. Rich people and those living in the diaspora will understand and learn a lot from this movie. Making movies is what I live for. It’s my passion to tell stories, to impact young people. So, yes, I’m seeing myself doing loads of productions if God permits.

Lessons fans would learn from ‘Just One Blood’

They will learn a lot of things from it, especially those that live in Europe. It is not everyone here that is rich, most of the men in Africa, to be precise, Nigeria, are richer than those here in the UK. So, if you are not lucky and you live in a place like that you would be bullied by the white people who are racists. There’s a lot to learn from Just One Blood. The culture barrier is huge. It’s very difficult to understand them, it takes years. Just One Blood also in many ways promotes farming. There is a lot of money in agriculture.

What makes a good movie as a producer

To be honest, I don’t know how I feel, but I call movie making business. What I think would make a good movie is a good camera, location, powerful stories, and using good actors who would interpret and bring the story to life. I know there are more things that would make it better.

Unforgettable moment as an actress

First, was when I was on the set of Funke Akindele’s movie, Jenifa. It was at Ikorodu, Lagos, I wouldn’t say it’s my best moment though, but it was a moment I can never forget; on the set of Jenifa. It was my startup days and such a big opportunity.

On that set, the night we were supposed to do the shrine scene was the night I can never forget. At about 2am, we came across some sets or people who we didn’t know. It was terrible. I almost died. I was scared to my bones and heart; I was shivering. The person that was driving was very good. She bumped into them and reversed with speed.

They were wearing white on white and came after us. I was scared; I’ve heard of meeting things like that but had never experienced it until that day. Another moment I won’t forget was on the set of Crazy Princess. It was more of fun with my extended family. From the cast to the crew and all, it was such an amazing experience. I was on same set with Ngozi Egeonu, Harry B and all.

Then, I almost drowned in Asaba on the set of same Crazy Princess. It was my first time filming in fast flowing water. The water was so sloppy and dirty. The water almost swallowed me. I practically almost drowned. The guards had to quickly recuse me. I enjoyed my way all through.

Harassment of newbies in the industry

I haven’t encountered such but the truth is, I have a story to share about same topic but I am not ready for that yet. I heard lots of producers do take sexual advantage of actors in Nigeria.

I love RMD and he is my role model

When I was much younger, I used to dream about the guy a lot. I was so obsessed with him. Everything I do, I think about him. Every night, I meet him in my dreams. He was my dream man. I also like Tonto Dikeh and Mercy Johnson. These ladies are the kind of people I want to work with. But Rita Dominic is the main actress I love and respect. I was told that I look so much like Rita Dominic. Not face, but body structure and the behind.

My son on acting

He is an actor and he played a role in Just One Blood. He is also a model. I would let him do anything he’s happy doing. If he’s happy, then it’s all good.

I do a lot of things to make money

Firstly, I have a priority which I can’t do without. That is my son. I can’t do anything without him. He is part of my job. Then, I also have two different part-time jobs which I do to make a living. When I have time I go to the gym but I am too busy to party.

My plans for 2020

I have big, huge projects coming up and they are two major projects precisely. For now, as they say if you have a good plan don’t say it until it’s out. I have a lot of things to share to my fans, well-wishers even my haters would benefit from it.