Never Give Up!

Marie Therese-Phido,

I recently joined a club that I had been trying to join for over three years recently. For some reason, though qualified, someone within the organisation felt I should not be made a member.

Each time I applied, I was not accepted. I was determined and continued to press on, until I received the mail asking me to attend. The same thing happened when I applied for a programme and was told to attend a particular one – less than my choice. I persisted, and re-applied the next year and was admitted into the higher grade that I had applied for previously.

Many of us give up too easily when we want something. I never give up if I truly want something. “Never giving up sounds so cliché, but the repetition is justified because it’s the only choice you have if you want to get ahead. To master this art, you have to form habits which will become a lifestyle”, says Alicia Honeycutt.

We saw this again this past weekend, where Anthony Joshua, regained his boxing world title after previously losing it to Ruiz. He worked hard tenaciously to get it back, even though it must have been hard work, he would have been psychologically traumatized from losing previously and discouraged at his form/progress from time to time, but he did not give up.

Tiger Woods is another testament of someone who refused to give up despite several defeats. In fact it is on record that many said he would never regain his title. He proved everybody wrong by winning his fifth Masters 14 years after his last Green Jacket. You can imagine how hard that must have been for him. Below are some strategies I adopt and suggestions from Alicia Honeycutt:

More than intelligence or wealth, what separates the truly successful individuals from the rest is the fact that they never give up. They never give up no matter how they started or how many times they have failed in the past. We would not be enjoying Aliko Dangote, Jim Ovia – Zenith or even Bill Gates – Windows today if the founders decided to quit early on.

Never giving up sounds so cliché, but the repetition is justified because it’s the only choice you have if you want to get ahead. To master this art, you have to form habits which will become a lifestyle.

Start pausing but not quitting

Taking a step back gives you a whole new perspective on things. It allows you to gather strength and wisdom for the next steps. Resting is a weapon many fail to use.

Most of the time, things don’t go our way. Some days everything seems to go wrong. During these moments, it’s ok to pause. It’s ok to shout or cry. It’s ok to rest for a while and think. But it doesn’t mean you have to stop. Regain your composure and proceed; try again.

Be honest with yourself and everyone around you

People quit more often than they have to because they fail to be honest with themselves and everyone around them. Dishonesty builds walls around individuals and opportunities. Be honest with who you are, what you want and how you feel.
Be honest with yourself if you fail. Admit and understand your mistakes and try your best to make amends. It is hard to move forward if you keep concealing and denying your faults.

Choose to be Positive

In this cynical world, it pays to be positive. Optimism is a wealth magnet.
It doesn’t mean you have to be blindly happy all the time. It just means you choose to focus on the good things even if you are surrounded by chaos. The moment you let negativity in, quitting will seem to be the best option. Do not allow that.

Surround yourself with resilient people

According to Jim Rohn, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. Do not expect to master not giving up if you hang out with quitters all the time. Are your friends resilient? If not, it’s time to look for new friends.

If you spend your time with people who are masters of the not giving up attitude, you are most likely to learn the art from them. Look for mentors who have already succeeded in their fields. Get to know their stories. You might be surprised on how many times they have failed. Spending time with resilient people makes you adopt their habits.

Stay motivated

Motivate yourself every day. It is important to read, listen and watch motivational material. Feed your brain with stuff that inspires you. Surround yourself with anything that reminds you of why you have to keep trying.
There are plenty of free motivational materials. Take advantage of these resources. However, no matter how good these motivators are, it won’t work unless you allow it. You have to be your greatest motivator.

Have a cause bigger than yourself

Why do you want to be successful? Wealth is just the instrument you need to do what you really want. Have an advocacy with effects that will last for eternity.
Maybe you want to find a cure for cancer, maybe you want to help end poverty, or you want to be a promoter of peace. Whatever it is, go beyond money. Go for something that will improve humanity. Figure out what really moves you and resonates deep inside your soul.

Just don’t give up

Just don’t give up. It’s as simple and complicated as that. Remove quitting from your vocabulary. Don’t make quitting an option.

Every time you fail in doing something, remember that only your actions failed but you are not a failure. Be objective, examine why it didn’t work and find a way to make it better. As long as your heart is beating, there is always a chance to try one more time.