Jim Ovia’s Good Example

Jim Ovia

John Keats was absolutely right in declaring that a thing of beauty is a joy forever; its loveliness increases. It will never pass into nothingness. This is exactly what Zenith Bank Nigeria is doing, rubbing shoulders with creators of enduring beauty far and wide and giving Nigerians something to lay claim to like their own, a thing of beauty and joy forever.

Many a bank claims to be a leading bank in the Nigerian financial system. What they usually refer to is excellent customer service, seemingly endless coffers of cash, incontestable leadership and practical visions for the foreseeable future. In other words, these banks almost never step out of the line of their sphere, but rather remain to compete over which bank is better at what the very institution is meant to do. No more. Jim Ovia has overridden that cherished comfortable position and laid out a new pasture for development and competition: exterior decorations.

Ajose Adeogun street of Victoria Island in Lagos was set on a literal glow when Zenith Bank decided to play a little with decorations. The result of that decision has repainted the canvas of the illustrious bank with new colours, while simultaneously reshaping the image of Nigeria in the eyes of exogenous acquaintances.

Recall that Lagos was supposed to play genial host to the foreign hip hop sensation, Cardi B. The atmosphere around was one of anxiety, fright, and shy hope. This was mostly because unlike the noisemakers that generally come around for self-advertising, there was a possibility that Cardi B was going to place Nigeria on the social map as a happening place, paving way for prospects of tourism. If it went awry, no hole would be deep enough to hide the beloved nation in.

Surprisingly, Cardi B squealed with delight upon seeing the decorations that had been put up by Zenith Bank. Her elation was such that that single decision by Zenith Bank smoothed her tour in Nigeria so that Cardi B was only full of praises as she enjoyed the various ins and outs of Lagos.

Jim Ovia has not only set a precedent by his actions but also proved that the landscape of tourism is subject to a sharp, sensitive-to-time mind. Banking, landscaping and exterior design and then advertising and tourism, one man, one bank.