‘Memuna the Corporate House Girl’ Enters Episode 5

Memuna Mide Martins

Viewers of the popular drama TV series, Memuna the corporate house girl will be treated to another entertaining and fascinating episode this weekend, as season 1 episode 5 promises to be a mind-blowing, intriguing and nonstop one of a kind watching experience. The TV series currently on Season 1 Episode 5 airs every Saturday on ST Nollywood plus by 8:30 pm African Time and it features notable faces in the movie industry like; Mide Martins, Saidi Balogun, and Iya Rainbow, etc.

In the previous episode titled “jimapelle logoma” connotes a French word “My name is” reflects how Tokunbo’s friend (Blanca), popularly known as Mide Martins advises Tokunbo (Misola Iyun) on the danger of having a sexy maid like Memuna who is prone to seduce Tokunbo’s husband with her beauty. Memuna is enthralled by all the flashes around her and she sees this as her golden opportunity, but will Tokunbo let her? Find out in the next episode as StarTimes brings you more captivating and mind-blowing episodes weekly and paints out a vivid picture of the typical Nigeria society.