Dozie Ikedife: A Dirge to an Icon


 By Kene Ikedife

From milestones and targets

To motivation and progress

From failures and setbacks

To moving ahead and success

You stood strong with us

Through all these things

Your leadership is what

Has given us wings…

A true father indeed…

Ikenga Nnewi… A true son of the soil

A title truly deserved and earned

The people drew strength from you

One who struggles for his kinsmen

Not afraid to be at the forefront

Dogged about everything he believed in

A true custodian of the Igbo culture

A true leader indeed…

Rare combination of vision and fairness

Unsurpassed efficiency and excellence

Exceptional dedication to Nnewi’s growth

Unparalleled service to the community

Pathfinder of grassroot development

You were a true agent of political change

You remain an inspiration to us all Chief

A true leader indeed…

Now that you’ve joined the whisperers

365 days have indeed gone by so fast

You have seen so much change

And you have been part of it all

You are sorely missed everyday

By us, who you taught at every chance

And all who witnessed your leadership

We will foster the continuity of your legacy

A true leader indeed…

First Chairman of Community Council

President-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo

Your tenure still stands unmatched

The smiles you put on student’s faces

Through Dozie Ikedife Annual Medal & prize

To the countless social amenities

The employment opportunities

You were a great asset to our community

Your selflessness is a model to follow

A true leader indeed…

Your humility is second to none

Your kindness goes before you

You were a true elder statesman

A renowned medical practitioner

A phenomenal philanthropist

A relentless environmentalist

A teachers teacher

A preachers preacher

A politician extraordinaire

An exceptional father

A loving husband

A true leader indeed…

Our hearts pray for you everyday

We are humbled to be blessed by you

Words are really not enough to describe you

The void you left behind cannot be filled nor forgotten

Your memories live with us everyday

And we will continue to honor you with our actions

A true icon indeed…

To a true father and leader.

*Kene Ikedife is son of late Dr. Dozie Ikedife