Boko Haram Militants Kidnap 21 Civilians in Cameroon


He stressed they chose to visit Kano because the state has the highest number of integrated mills in the country, noting that out of the 34 integrated mills in the country Kano State alone has 11, in addition to 20 rice clusters.

“An estimated 5,000 metric tonnes of finished rice are turned out daily by the 11 integrated mills and 20 clusters in Kano. The ratio is 40 per cent from the integrated mills and 60 per cent from the clusters. The mills, combined, employ about 10,000 people. We can tell you, without mincing words that the border drill has impacted positively on rice production in the country,” Mohammed said.

In his remarks Ganduje described the border closure as a right political decision by the Buhari administration.

He scorned the previous administration for not closing the border because of the economic benefits that some people were deriving from it.

He thanked the federal government for closing the border, saying it was a policy that would allow for food sufficiency in the country.