Jigsaw App Debts on Google Play Store

Nigeria map Jigsaw has made its debut on the App Store and Google Play Store. Nigeria map jigsaw App game is a two part game that uses the Nigeria map as a jigsaw puzzle in three formats of easy, medium and hard. The second section of the App game has 254 trivia questions all about Nigeria in Multiple choice questions, true or false, fill in the blank and jumbled formats.

Founder of Nigeria map Jigsaw, Mr. Femi Akinseloyin, said the map jigsaw section aims to teach players mostly students about the geography of Nigeria. Arranging states in their positions on the Map will help players learn about the states, the people and their geopolitical locations, boundaries and their languages

The trivia question sections have fun, educational, entertaining and easy to answer questions, the questions are about our rich cultural heritage and History as a nation. The app tell a story of our rich cultural heritage and history in a game format which is very relaxing and easy to learn format. The game has the capacity to enhance national unity and patriotism. The app is free to download for both Android and iOs on google play store and App store respectively.

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