Linus Williams Ifejika: Why I Chose Cryptocurrency over White Collar Jobs

Linus Williams Ifejika

In a world where most youths go by the generic “go to school, get a job, make money” lifestyle, Linus Williams Ifejika is one of the few youths that has chosen the entrepreneurial path. He also further distinguishes himself as a Cryptocurrency Entrepreneur.

When asked why he chose Cryptocurrency over White-collar jobs, B-Lord explains that he had always been one to find opportunities where people least expect and that led him to explore the digital economy when people in Nigeria least expected. He recounts that when he started his Cryptocurrency business in 2017, everyone was scared. The MMM Ponzi Scheme of 2016 was still fresh in people’s memories. Also, the Naira to US Dollar exchange had depreciated heavily nearly overnight. But he saw prospect in this digital economy and decided to take the risk.

Like most successful entrepreneurs who see prospects in problems and consequently step in to solve such problem and make a living, Williams Ifejika stepped into the Cryptocurrency industry with the passion to solve problems for freelance digital service providers who faced challenges collecting payments from overseas and the incessant inflation and devaluation of the Naira. He established himself as a transparent, tenacious, strong-willed and resilient businessman. In his words, “As the first son of a family of seven, I consider myself as a pacesetter. And as a confident risk-taker, I have grown into a very successful businessman with a whopping net worth of $1.9million.”

His businesses have grown over the years from Bitcoin trading to include gadget, luxury and automobiles— all integrated under B-Lord Group of Company which operates from Awka, Anambra but has a wide-reaching sphere of influence. At the core of his operations are transparency, trustworthiness, customer-oriented services and qualitative delivery.

He takes pride in the wealth of information and experience he has gained over the years. He therefore, passes his depth of knowledge on Bitcoin Entrepreneurship through coaching activities.