Ibidun Ajayi Ighodalo Plans Big for 40th Birthday

Ibidun Ighodalo

Some stories are just plain difficult to tell. Not because the narratives aren’t juicy enough to flash on a pen and have it run to incredible conclusions. Sometimes, the twists and turns are so expected that you just want to take a slow step backward, reach for your majestic beard, and take it all in first. If this is too much of a stretch, consider the following: a beauty queen becomes a church mama, a pastor’s wife. We have seen the artist as a young man, but not the diva as a padre’s helpmeet. Enter Ibidun Ajayi Ighodalo.

There are so many sides to this enchanting lady, which is why it is always so easy to alight on a portion and be launched across a few thousand miles of contemplation. That is until you come upon another, and then you are swallowed up again.

The foremost identity that Ibidun Ighodalo assumed was that of the face of Lux. And since she was the very first Face of Lux, you can imagine the strength of that identity. For those who have not seen her, you can rest assured that hers is the face that launched a thousand freshness.

But after Lux, after the honeyed affairs of glamorous beauty modelling, the lady settled down. Or maybe the one led to the other. Whichever way that went, it began and ended with Pastor Ituah Ighodalo, head pastor of Trinity House Church. According to the former Lux Queen, she saw in P (this is what she fondly calls him) a father and a confidant. That’s a love story that has not found its way into the chronicles of Nollywood. Or Bollywood. Or any Wood for that matter. Because more than twelve years after, they are still riding strong.

And so the former beauty queen is planning on walking into the halls of the Big 40s, the place that 30-plus-year-olds are eyeing and the 50s are looking back to see. If lifestyle and conduct are an indicator of a long life, then our Lux Lady deserves it. Two of her handiworks, the Ibidun Ighodalo Foundation, and one of Nigeria’s top event’s company Elizabeth R, are still making waves.