Technogym Experiential Showroom Berths in Lagos


Yinka Olatunbosun

All over the world, the fitness scene and the culture of exercise is shape-shifting, driven by technology and changing demographics. The gap between low and high price point offerings is dramatically widening in the fitness industry, particularly for gyms and health centres.

Tech-enabled high-end fitness offerings (usually backed by strong social media credentials and cult following) including new fitness trends – from virtual workout, to fitness apps and wearables, connected home solutions and more – are disrupting traditional fitness models.

It is against this backdrop that Pelican Limited (BPL) recently unveiled a new showroom in Lagos for Technogym along Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lagos towards creating an experience centre for both gym enthusiasts and professional athletes and others who would like to understand what Technogym has to offer and how it fits into their lifestyle.

With this showroom, customers can now come in not just to touch and feel but also test the equipment they are interested in. This is because the Technogym experience should be enjoyed and not merely talked about.

Interestingly, targeting personal satisfaction resonates high with BPL. This could be gleaned from the way their rich crop of professional gym trainers interact with guests, taking time to demonstrate the effectiveness of each exclusive gym equipment, offering personal training and wellness solutions designed to help one exercise in a stimulating environment and to create a fitness programme that suits your specific needs and targets.

Technogym is one of Europe’s most popular wellness company and number one supplier of fitness equipment. Black Pelican Limited is the exclusive distributor for Nigeria and a few other countries (Togo, Benin Republic, Niger, Equatorial Guinea) in West Africa.

Technogym promotes wellness in every aspect of human life; from organised exercise to staying healthy behind your desk at work. The Technogym ecosystem aims to offer wellness solutions to keep people motivated and healthy by creating specialised wellness programs based on individual lifestyle.

The fitness and mind-body economy grew to $624 billion in 2018 (up from $595 billion in 2017). Legacy brands such as Technogym are on top of their guests’ expectations as new, innovative workout concepts are appearing.

It was interesting to find people from all walks of life turned up in their sporty chic ensembles, from bomb trainers to colourful gym wears, Athleisure was definitely on display.

Canapes, cocktails and hip hop music created the right ambience for top Lagos wellness clique with a penchant for well buffed bodies and healthy guts to see first-hand gym trends and how they work.

In attendance was Uzoma Dozie, Mitchell Elegbe of Interswitch, Osayie Alile of Act Foundation, Michael and Detola Owolabi of BPL; Chiedu Evie, SSG Delta state; BolajiOsunsanya; Mr and Mrs Etin and Kemen, celebrity fitness trainer and former big brother Nigeria star. It was indeed a power-packed, fitness-fueled, calorie burning party.