Omo-Agege’s Aide Urges Women to Submit to their Husbands


By Kuni Tyessi in Abuja

Chief of Staff to Deputy Senate President, Dr Otive Igbuzor, has enjoined women to submit to their husbands regardless of their high positions in the church or society. Speaking at the official launch of the book, ‘The Woman Her Worth: Warfare, Winning and Weapons’ in Abuja, he maintained that there were a lot of misconceptions surrounding the place and role of a woman in the church. He explained that although the bible noted that men must love and provide for their family, the contribution of either the husband or wife to the family was not a yardstick for disrespect or misbehaviour as by virtue of marriage, they had become one with inseparable roles. In his words: “There are many misconceptions about the place of the woman in the church.

The believer of the 21st century is facing a lot of challenges of perception because of the bad eggs supposedly the men of God and what they are doing gives an erroneous impression but this book puts in proper perspective the place of a woman, the role of a woman in the body of Christ, in the family and society. “Women who think they have more money than their husbands and therefore are misbehaving must retrace their steps, live in harmony with their husband whether the husband has more money or not. “The basis of life is not money. The amount of money every human being needs to live life is very small, money should not be the basis of relationship.

Women should submit to their husbands, men should love their wives. When men love their wives the wives submit to them and when women submit to their husbands their husbands love them.” Author of the book, Pastor Alex Afolayan, disclosed that he got the mandate from God in 2014 “to go into the world and teach the word intelligently but remember that the word is powerful, pure and tolerates no indulgence.” Commenting on the increased rate of violence against women and girls, he urged the Federal Government and the church to place more emphasis on the value and worth of a woman to change the misguided perception and mentality the society has for women. “This book is just to reveal the worth of a woman, nobody hurts what is precious and that is the missing link; we need to emphasize less on gender violence, rather emphasise on women’s worth and once that is done violence will naturally disappear. “The ignorance of the African setting, the rate of literacy in our environment is very low and people don’t know what the woman is worth. Where violence against women is less its because they understand the value, worth of the woman.

“Many of the violence against women are not reported, many women see it as a right to be bashed which is very wrong and if any woman wants to speak they say its a taboo so the society also needs some attention. It’s a serious crime our mentality should be shaped. “The church is also not doing enough on women issues, more needs to be done. This is an area that needs attention and should be looked into urgently by the church, the government and everybody in society.”