FG Inducts 152 Metrology Officers to Boost Quality Assurance


James Emejo in Abuja

The Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment, Mr. Richard Adebayo has inducted 152 inspectors to facilitate weights and measurement of standards in the Nigerian trading space.

He charged the inspectors to be professional in their dealings and ensure standards of trade facilities are maintained
The minister said: “Today the ministry is inducting 152 weights and measurement inspectors in line with the provisions of Section 9 of the weights and measurement act which states that non one shall attain to weighing or measuring by all means, except he holds a certificate from the superintendent that he has sufficient knowledge and skill for the proper performance of duty.

“Therefore to enhance standards, you’re task is to ensure compliance and adherence to metrological and measurement standards as you’re now certified inspectors and legal metrology officers of weights and measures.”

Metrology otherwise known as the science of measurement is adjudged to be critical for meeting the country’s development aspirations, particularly the acceptance of its exports by the international markets.

The Director General/Chief Executive, Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), Mr. Osita Aboloma recently said measurement plays a key role for determining the success of manufactured products in terms of precision and how well they are made.

He said human health and safety relied on credible measurements in medical diagnosis and therapy while protection of the environment and large scale studies related to global climate change depend critically on accurate measurements often extending over long periods time.”