Firm Unveils Woman-centric App, Targets Capital Raising 


Nume Ekeghe

MyFlair, an indigenous start-up has launched an app for women healthcare tips and an all-round women care.

The firm also announced that since its pilot launch, MyFlair has completed a successful first round of capital raising which has been used to fund commencement and take-off.

Commenting on the app, the Founder MyFlair, Mr. Seun Fadiora said: “MyFlair provides an easily accessible blog that gives information on different topics. Women tend to have nagging health questions that can sometimes be embarrassing or not easy to talk about freely especially when you are talking face to face with a doctor, sometimes you just wish you had a veil over your face when discussing with the doctor.

“MyFlair also connects users with doctors so they can chat freely for free to get initial conversations and queries out of the way and partners with professional counsellors who listen to you via live chat and help you vent and seek practical solutions to those issues you have been holding on to for years.”

He also added that the firm partners with lawyers to help victims of abuse.

Speaking on plan to raise fresh capital, he said: “This first tranche of capital raising has been deployed for the start-up of the company. We are watching scale closely to determine the levels of funding for the next phase of capital raising. 

“For now, early investors have all been local. But the next phase may involve more institutional investors both local and foreign. 

“We will be looking for investors who not only bring funds to the table but also institutions who bring the requisite expertise and have that social enterprise in their DNA like we do.”

MyFlair provides a service to have nicely packaged sanitary kits delivered to you in the convenience of your own home or any other location of choice. 

Fadiora, an ex-investment banker said the inspiration for MyFlair was borne out of the need to provide solutions to female hygiene issues. 

“This resulted in the creation of an app that could ensure availability and accessibility at the click of a button for female hygiene products,” he added.