Oil Magnate, Sholaye Jeremi, Throws Mother-of-All Parties Mom Clocks 70


It is said that mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while but their hearts forever. This must be the reason mothers are loved and cherished everywhere. Mothers, like a sparkling new duvet, their love for their children spreads and rises even as they grow old enough to have a family of their own.

Celebrating mothers are constant habitual acts but not everyone is privileged to do it. Some people finally find the opportunity to appreciate their mother years after their mother had left the world. For some, they are fortunate to celebrate their mother every year, showing their continuous gratitude for mother’s support and existence. The Billionaire magnate, Sholaye is one of those extremely successful businessmen fortunate enough to show his mother how much of a beautiful, undying flower she is to him.

The day began with illuminating brightness, the birds chirped in the sky as though they were aware of this joy-packed event at the house of Sholaye Jeremi, the billionaire magnate whose mother, Mrs. Lilian Jeremi turned 70 on the 6th of October, 2019.

Sapele in Delta State bustled and bubbled with the help of Sholaye’s affluent and celebrity-adorned party. With the songs bursting out of the speakers in the exquisitely designed venue, the feet of the well-dressed guests excitedly followed the rhythm of the beats. The popular singer, Omawunmi catapulted an epic eventful party, adding both class and glamour.

The billionaire magnate from Delta was pleased with the colourful faces of highly affluent and top personalities in Nigeria, amongst whom were notable names like the former governor, James Ibori, Julius Rone, the billionaire Head Honcho at UTM Group, Greg Uanseru, Scott-Tommey, Raymond Abia, Babatunde Agbede, Lesley Atake, and many others.

Resplendent in her radiant Swarovski stoned George ensemble, Mama Sholaye danced with her son and guests, dancing like a youthful exuberant lady moved by moments of unexplainable feeling, like a proud mother whose expectations of success have been met. Sholaye gifted his mother a 2020 Jaguar XJR.
Surprised and beside herself with happiness, Lilian hugged her billionaire son with feelings of fulfillment as love etched on her face.