Encomium…As Hajia Aisha Babangida Launches Better Life for The African Rural Woman Project “5/5/5” in Lagos

Aisha Babangida

Few people actually believe that rising comes from lifting others, helping others grow, and in rare cases too, creating a platform that empowers others, platforms that open doors of opportunities for the less privileged. Like a bright day when the drapes of daylight embrace it, Aisha Babangida, driven by the legacy of her mother, Maryam Babaginda, launched The Better Life Programme for The African Rural Woman “Project 5/5/5. The project was greeted with a warm ululation by many at an event a few days ago.

Women’s empowerment is an important factor in economic growth. As a tool that allows women to burn brighter, this initiative will contribute to the development of society. Aisha is the Chairperson to the Board of Trustees on the project. The humanitarian leader is aware of the tremendous importance of a project that provides communities with access to adult literacy programmes, skills acquisition and financial literacy in Nigeria.

Aisha knows that rural women are treated like abandoned wares. Dismissed by menfolk and trodden underfoot by the combination of patriarchy and economic subservience, they lack the necessary tools needed to be empowered in the right ways. The Better Life Programme for African Rural Women is a vehicle that will drive African rural women towards a rewarding uplifting journey by generating opportunities in agriculture through the establishment of cottage industries to integrate rural women into a national development plan.

Aisha is the Founder of Egwafin Microfinance Bank as well, a financial institution that caters for the “unbankable” women, grants them access to funding and financial resources, in order to help them thrive. Hajia Aisha now places his gaze on the future with the hope that this project will flourish with days, raising the living standards of the rural women and their families.

The event was held on October 10, 2019, at the Civic Centre, Ozumba Mbadiwe Street, Victoria Island, Lagos and as a content-driven programme, bringing together important stakeholders in the development, Agriculture and many others to have conversations around nation-building through Agriculture and socio-economic development; the event was gracefully attended by an attentive audience.