Abiodun Faleke Sheathes Sword… Supports Yahaya Bello’s Re-election Bid


Politics is one of the most popular games in the world. Like other games, it has its rules and if you play by the rules, with plans to boot, you will surely have a place carved out for you.

“There is no permanent enemy in politics,” is a popular quote — unattributed to anyone– that has been adopted as one of the rules in the halls of political leadership. This rule has once again been replayed as the people of Kogi State prepare for another governorship election in November. Abiodun Faleke, a popular politician in both Lagos and Kogi State, has sheathed his sword to support Governor Yahaya Bello in his bid for re-election.

A three-man picture of Bello, Faleke, and Onoja surfaced on the internet generating a wide range of reactions amongst political supporters. The picture showed Faleke alongside Bello and Onoja making a trademark APC reelection sign — eight fingers raised, four on each hand, alluding to support for the reelection of the candidate.

Confirming his support for Governor Bello, he said, “Yes. Following the decision of the leadership of the Audu/Faleke group to work with the governor, and as loyal party men and women, I on behalf of the group, met with the governor, to chart the way forward and build a strong and united APC, before the election. We have put all issues in the past, and also, will be in a better position to always assist and advise the party and government in the state to execute people-friendly programmes.”

Abiodun Faleke was the deputy governor to the late Abubakar Audu who died while the previous election was ongoing. His death opened a legal vacuum in our constitution. Eventually, Yahaya Bello who was the first runner-up to Abubakar Audu in the primary election was later announced to be the constitutionally lawful replacement.

Faleke contested the decision in court and lost after a long battle. Like a wounded lion, he stepped down from the position of deputy governor.
The decision for Faleke to support Bello for his governorship re-election bid is believed to be politically motivated. Faleke has his eyes on the state government throne, returning to the party to canvass support for his former rival might bolster chances to the throne when Bello eventually completes his proposed eight-year term in office.