Emirates Promotes Nigeria, UAE Cultural Diversity


Oluchi Chibuzor

Emirates Regional Manager for West Africa, Afzal Parambil, has said the airline will continue to offer Nigerian travellers seamless and convenient connectivity.

This, he said would aid the promotion of Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates culture.

He spoke in Lagos, during the 2019 Arts and Cultural Exhibition organised by the Embassy of UAE in conjunction with Nigeria.

Emirates Airlines, one of the sponsors of the arts exhibition restated its resolve to deliver exceptional service to Nigerian visitors to the UAE, pointing out that Nigeria has the largest number of visitors to UAE especially Dubai in the whole of Africa.

He said, “We are here to connect people, we are one of the leading carriers in UAE. This occasion was to connect two cultures and we play the role of connecting people across the world from different regions.

“We compliment the efforts of the Ambassador here. The purpose of cultural engagement was to understand each other, know the UAE culture and Nigerian culture and we will continue to play the role of connecting people from different regions.

“Nigeria has the largest number of people who visit UAE from Africa. Though they visit for tourism purpose, we expect them to move beyond that to cultural and arts purposes.

“So we are also working together with the Ambassador for that purpose. Nollywood has shown an example my shooting movies in Dubai and presently showcasing Dubai to Nigeria.

“This is inducing a lot of people who want to go to Dubai because they have seen the movies.

“If you look at Dubai as a destination for Nigerian passengers, one of the biggest things is that we always look for a destination which is safe, which is convenient which is easy to get Visa. “We are one of the countries, which makes it so easy for Nigerians. You can apply for the visa in two days and you will get it. So you don’t need to plan two or three months for your trip. This is a ground support for the UAE embassy and the Ambassador also plays the role in making the process easy.”