Cleric Blames Societal Decadence on Parental Failure


Mary Nnah

Apostle Anthony Fasipe, the General Overseer of the Pavilion of Faith Global Church, Ikeja has blamed societal decadence on parents’ failure to play their roles diligently.

Speaking during the fifth anniversary of church held recently in Lagos, Fasipe stressed that the society became bad because those responsible failed to play their part well.

“A society where things are not working as they should have is simply because the various parts are not functioning adequately”, he said, adding that this particularly was about the negligence exhibited by parents.

“We are not equipping our children with the skills they need in order to engage with the future because we are failing in those two critical areas. Give them the skills they need and when they succeed, our joy will be full.’’

He therefore called for positive attitudinal change on the part of parents as well as leaders and citizens to promote good, corporate governance in Nigeria.

The cleric urged youths to remain committed and dedicated to hard work and avoid being lured into unwholesome activities, saying that the progress and success of a nation depended on the level of hard work on the part of its citizens.

He, therefore, advised Nigerians, irrespective of religion, to work together for peace and stability in the nation.

Meanwhile, Chairman, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) Lagos State, Pastor Olusola Ore, who was special guest at the occasion, expressed the hope for a better future for Nigeria.
He said Nigeria would come out great and overcome its numerous challenges when they put their trust in God.

Speaking on the theme, “Dependable God”, Ore assured that there will be an end to the emptiness, spiritually and economically in Nigeria when we depend solely on Him.

“The problems and fears pervading Nigeria were as a result of sin and unrighteousness of her citizens. The result of sin and unrighteousness is fear; if Nigerians continue to turn away from God, fear will pursue them. God will answer Nigerians when they reach out to Him in sincerity,” he said.

He said that there is hope for anyone that turns to God, adding that even terrorists stand the chance of being saved if they should repent from their sinful ways.

Ore said further that while seeking solutions to the teeming problems, leaders and citizens alike should pray for wisdom, divine visitation and help from God.

“We are not talking just about the problems now, we are talking about viable solutions; solution is possible, we should not relent in praying for the country because God will visit us.
“I have high hopes that this country can be changed and I have hope that if we pray God will bring wisdom, he will help our leaders,” he said.