President Asiwaju Tinubu – is Nigeria Ready?


The man has not talked. He has not come out officially to declare his intentions, but we can see the moves. The permutations are ongoing and strategic consultations are taking place. Here in Shomolu, underground moves are being made and the signals are looking quite positive.

But the question on my mind this morning as I write revolves around the readiness of Nigeria and not the man himself for a Tinubu Presidency. I had a brief discussion with a top Lagos State official on this matter. He had pulled me aside and said, ‘Edgar, I am not asking you to turn around o, but kindly look at this your position from another angle’. He never said Tinubu wanted to be President but said, Tinubu had the best interest of the country at heart and that he was being misunderstood by the people who do not understand his vision.

Well that talk was a kind of eureka moment for me. This is not to say that I will be endorsing baba Bullion van but this means that I will be giving him a fair hearing going forward. I will watch him intently for the next few months, examine very carefully his statements, actions in a bid to take a firm position on his suitability or otherwise for this position just in time if he ever comes out in the open on his ambitions. You see, I no dey dream anyhow but this night I had a funny dream, I swear. I dreamt someone had taken me to Tinubu and he appointed me into his cabinet and I found myself sitting beside him at the Federal Executive Council na him Dino Melaye come dey fight me, that I have ‘turned coat’, that I should reject the appointment and come back to opposition. I just look that one and pour am big bucket of water for the dream. Tinubu look me, smile and say, ‘this is my son in whom I am well pleased’.

I wake up with sweat and come dey think maybe na the big bowl of fufu and Afang I eat before sleeping that woul d have led to this kind of dream. Any ways, in the face of ‘God has told me that I am the 16th President…..’ and other such pretenders getting ready, what can we do but to keep an open mind. Please remind me to eat only fruits before I sleep next time. I cannot shout.