I have just read that you said you contemplated suicide when things got rough. That when everything collapsed, you had two options – kill yourself or grab yourself in the boot strap and move on. I thank God you took the right decision because today apart from the fact that you are one of the biggest inspirations to young Nigerians, you have given us Cuppy my greatest crush.

The other day, you went to Italy to take ice cream with my baby thereby keeping the obstacle between me and her firmly in place. As I cannot afford that one how will I win her heart? Anyways, the point of this write up is the inspiration that you have been to all of us. Me, I knew you that time o, when you had one small office off Awolowo road in Ikoyi and my friend Binta was working for you and you were doing ‘money lender’ and insurance brokerage.

Things were really tough because the car you were driving that time get as he be. But today with serious hard work and perseverance you are one of the most respected men in the country. A confirmed Forbes billionaire real one o, not the kind of one like that boy that FBI has carried. Please keep telling this your story so that the rest of us can be holding on to it as we continue to struggle. Meanwhile, don’t be taking Cuppy to those kinds of places again jo. Let’s do Onigbogbo, nice Afang, white house in Sabo, strong gbegiri so the Duke of Shomolu can stand a small chance. Bro can you imagine how life will be for you as the father-in-law to the Duke of Shomolu? Just think am.