Tosin Bee: I’m Not in Anyway Better Than  Anybody, I’m Just Enjoying Grace

Tosin Bee is a gospel artiste. His personality is defined, and he is blessed and graced with excellence. Signed to One Hallelujah Records owned by The Redeemed Church, he is one artiste embedded with bright future and a blazing career. He talks to Tosin Clegg about his recently concluded concert, his musical career, his plans, his band and much more

Switch with Tosin Bee 2019 Concert

Switch with Tosin Bee 2019 concert was an experience I can’t forget in a hurry. God really surprised us, surpassed my imagination. The turnout was amazing, the hall was filled up and people had to stand. I couldn’t believe it when I saw how many people were standing because there was no space to sit. And till date, people are still talking about how impactful the event was. I’m very satisfied and I had a lot of my colleagues, even senior colleagues around. Some came to minister, and some to support. We had Sammie Okposo, Tim Godfrey, Chioma Jesus, Prospa, Efe Nathan, Beejay Sax, Big Bolaji, Laolu Gbenjo and many more.

While planning for the event, we honestly weren’t sure of the name to call it and had to wait to be sure we were not getting anything wrong. And one day while I was preparing to go out, I just heard the word Switch. The Holy Spirit impressed it in my heart more. I shared with my team and they connected with the name. Planning was not easy, I must say. We encountered some challenges but thank God we were able to sail through with the help of my team, especially One Hallelujah Records.

Putting together my performance list

We had a lot of things in consideration, we wanted to do something unusual and extraordinary, away from the normal. At the same time, we wanted to make sure we were not doing anything that would be misleading or misunderstood, being a Gospel Concert. Also, we had to make sure people were able to relate with everything we were doing and that they were not disconnected. So, these were the conditions that guided us.

What my event stands for

Switch with Tosin Bee is a platform or an atmosphere created for people to come and drop every burden on their mind and just give God praise. A lot of times our miracle is a praise away. So it’s an avenue to Switch from whatever you are going through to praise.

I see my music as a privilege

I believe there are a lot of people that can do what I’m doing maybe even better, but I’ve only enjoyed favour and mercy from God, I believe it’s a privilege and I think the only thing I enjoy is grace; I’m not in anyway better than anybody.

I discovered passion for music about 23 years ago

Back then, I had some friends that were musically sound, and we were always singing round the neighborhood just for the fun of it and for people’s approval. After some time, I discovered how much deposits I have on the inside untapped. Later, I moved to Ilorin for my A’ Levels. There I met some new friends who had interest in music too, and we were always singing about on campus just to call attention, especially from the ladies, until one day a lady approached me, and advised that I should use my voice for God instead of just wasting it on campus. I was encouraged to join the choir in my church back then. I joined and from there I met some new friends that linked me up with some interdenominational choir. We went around ilorin and a few cities ministering in songs before I moved to Ogun State for university. While on campus, I joined the Redeemed campus fellowship (RCF) as a choir member, and eventually I was privileged to become the music director of the fellowship. At this moment, I already got a clear cut picture of the fact that music ministry was where God was calling me into. After university, I moved to Lagos, and the rest is history, as they say.

Joining One Hallelujah Records

Let me say a big thank you to my father and mother in the Lord, Daddy and Mummy E A Adeboye for coming up with this platform, provided to support and give ministers like myself wings to fly. It’s been an amazing experience, and the support has been an immense one.

Getting rewards

However, it is important to note that as ministers, be it in word or music, it is important to treat them with honour, hence the word honourarium. This is the gift presented to a minister when they are invited. It comes in cash or material gifts. When this is done, you are not paying them, but are only giving honour to the gift of God they carry. But in all of these the focus should be soul-winning, compassion and love. Anything short of these is no longer Gospel.

I just launched my clothing line called Switched Up

I’m going to be pushing that to make sure it has a good footing. Also, I’m going back to the studio and finally I’m releasing one song before the end of the year and a video.

Change is the only constant thing and if you refuse to change, you can never progress. Considering where I started from and now, I can boldly say I have evolved in every sense of the word. Truth is I’m not there yet, but looking back, and considering now, the difference is clear. First I believe what makes me exceptional is the grace of God. It makes a lot of difference. Also, versatility is another factor, the fact that I can deliver, by God’s grace, any kind of music.

I make bold to say I have the best band in the world

They are really a fantastic set to work with. I call them Beezle Nation. I have a music director in the person of Samuel Aliyu, who ensures everything music-wise goes very well. He also doubles as my manager. We rehearse not every day, but when we do, it’s always intense. Because we believe our God is a God of excellence, therefore we must deliver excellently. These guys sing and play the instrument for me. They have been really supportive and are extremely creative guys and are always ready to work. Honestly, all the energy you see on stage is just grace, nothing more, and I try to recharge by relaxing after every ministration.

Kunle Ajayi is a father

He is so kind hearted and always looking out for how we can be a better version of us. My relationship with him is that of father and son.

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