Firm to Unveil App for Food Selling, Ordering

Fuudnet Technology Limited will today in Lagos, launch its food selling and ordering App known as Fuudzie.

Fuudzie App serves as a digital market place for selling and ordering of processed food.

According to the promoters, the solution allows chefs, cooks, kitchen owners, restaurants and processed food vendors sell their food and food products to a wide audience.

It also opens food lovers to varieties of mouth-watering dishes from the comfort of their various locations.

“Fuudzie App has been built with very flexible functionalities, there is currently nothing like it in Nigeria,” it stated.

The promoters, in a statement, listed some of the functionalities to include the fact that it allows food vendors register their businesses, upload their menu, pictures of the meals and set prices by themselves on the platform.

In addition, “food vendors can set the time for which they will be available for ordering daily. This can be updated at the beginning of each day.

“It provides flexibility of working hours to the food vendor and ensures that customers can only order from vendors that are available to supply.

“Fuudzie App also allows for pre-order meals. Food vendors who supply bulk meals and need more time to process the meals can set the timing of the meal to one day or more as might be required. “Customers can also order for bulk meals and receive the order the next day or on their preferred date.

“All food vendors who sign up on the app will be verified and inspected within 72 hours before they are authorized to go live on the app. This is to ensure quality and safety for the customers.

“Payments can be done by using the card or wallet option through a safe payment channel integrated into the app.

“Fuudzie is set to ensure that food vendors sell more and make more money. Extra publicity and marketing support will be done regularly for all who sign up,” it stated.

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