On the Trail of the Newest Oil Guru, Abdulkadir Aliu


It takes more than nimble legs and a clever mind to look up at a ladder whose end is hidden in the clouds and start climbing. It takes bravery. It takes cojones. It takes dexterous skills and composure to maintain a foothold when a rung creaks or the ladder sways. It takes, above all, an unshakeable belief in the force of one’s own determination — an unyielding resolve to find what lies at the very top or die in the attempt.

In other words, it takes being a man like Alhaji Abdulkadir Aliu, the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Matrix Energy Limited. While the entire blogosphere delights in the latest venture, acquisitions and accomplishments of the card-carrying members of Nigeria’s famous club of billionaires, Abdulkadir, already part and parcel of the same comity, continues to add to his humongous wealth away from the limelight.

With interests in the diverse fields of finance, engineering, petroleum, trading and logistics, Abdulkadir Aliu has dipped his fingers in so many fat bottles of jar that to recount all his investments and holdings would take all day. Yet, he remains ensconced in his very private bubble. He is a giant among men. But he prefers to blend with them rather than stand apart.

Perhaps, that is what truly makes Aliu stand apart in a burgeoning field of identikit moneybags with nary a difference. He might be stupendously rich to the point of basically having bottomless pockets. He might boast of eye-popping wonder-on-land Banana Island home. He might be the owner of several exclusive rides worth millions. But, among all these luxuries that would make a lesser man go giddy with pride, Aliu never forgets himself or his humble origins.

Aliu, who owns Bluefin Depot in Warri and Matrix Mega Plant, recently got delivery of a customized private jet. For ease of transport, rather than a mere statement of wealth, his defenders stoutly claimed — and they might have a point.

The well-connected dude remains grounded and self-aware. He is always doling out monetary rewards to the less privileged in the society. He established the Abdulkadir Aliu Foundation to support brilliant and indigent Muslims through scholarship, mentoring and access to opportunities.