Ibejii Reflects on Global Chaos in New Song

By Vanessa Obioha

Barely two months he released his experiential project ‘Music Saved My Life’ (MSML), British born afro-retro artiste Ibejii has released a new single titled ‘Brexit Horribilis’. The new single is a smooth rock anthem laced with provocative lyrics that address the current wave of disorder and disarray in the world today. Ibejii, a wordsmith attempts to understand why there is so much chaos in the world today, wondering if a helping hand can be found in the midst of all the din.

‘Brexit Horribilis’ is a timely effort by the artiste as his country of birth is presently going through a tough time deciding how to exit the European Union with or without a deal. Perhaps, it is the artiste’s way of lending his voice to the issue that is becoming a great concern to Britons. More importantly, the single reminds one of the musical efforts of the late american singer Marvin Gaye who captured the imagination of a nation steeped in war, hatred, suffering and injustice with introspective lyrics in ‘What’s Going On’.  The 70s hit explored themes of drug abuse, poverty and violence.

“Today, the world is once again steeped in angst, distrust, hatred and prejudice, on the verge of environmental calamity, locked in ideological battles that were once thought won,” said Ibejii.

Other works of Ibejii include ‘GreenWhiteDope’, ‘Tribal Marks’ and ‘MSML’.

‘Brexit Horribilis’ is available on different digital music platforms from September 21, 2019.

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