About Billionaire Olalekan Adebiyi’s Fairytale 50th Birthday


Dubbed the silent billionaire, on account of the wealth he has garnered while the spotlight focused on other, louder kinsmen in the kingdom of wealth, Adebiyi Olalekan, chairman of Laralek Construction nonetheless often demonstrates that he can be as loud as the best of them when the need arises.

Indeed, for the man who sits atop the premier construction outfit , noise is either a good or bad merely an instrument to be manipulated for his benefit the same way he has utilized friends, contacts and his vast array of knowledge, transforming them all into cold, hard currency.

Witness the occasion of his 50th birthday shindig. The hallowed halls of high society reverberate with the sheer magnitude of the celebration as the silent billionaire loudly proclaimed to the world his coming-of-age of sorts. When he waltzed into the golden club on Sunday, September 15, Lekan did not walk alone. He was surrounded on all sides by a veritable wall of Who’s Who, each attendee more prestigious than the next.

The very private birthday bash was an opportunity for Lekan to display his humongous wealth to all and he did not disappoint. The pillar of construction made billions upon billions of Naira as he took over most road building projects under the Ambode administration and the evidence was plain for all to see during his birthday. To speak of exquisite dishes and tasteful exotic wines would be understating the quality of the food and drinks on offer.

Lekan, the Laralek guru already demonstrated his love for his beautiful wife Omolara by joining her name with his to form the name of his construction company — Laralek. On his birthday, he displayed to all another little known side of this man of means — his deep devotion to God. Indeed, the party might have been lavish but there was more than a little tinge of Christian piousness in the organizations. Most notably was the choice of singers and most honoured guests.

The likes of Ace gospel singer Tope Alabi left the guests clapping and singing effusive songs of praise and Thanksgiving. Among the dignitaries on the occasion were the governor of Lagos Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the Presiding Overseer of Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo, and many more.