Linda Ikeji Revels Baby Jayce at One


Superstar blogger and media entrepreneur, Linda Ikeji spent most of the week celebrating her son, Jayce, who clocked one on Tuesday. She flew her family and friends to Dubai for the big birthday bash for baby Jayce. For Linda, baby Jayce is the best part of her life and deserves the thousands of Dollars splashed on him in Dubai, writes Ferdinand Ekechukwu

It was a destination party for popular Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji as she celebrated her lovely son Jayce on turning one on Tuesday. The ace blogger was over the moon preparatory to the birthday. To celebrate her most prized possession, Jayce in a spectacular way, the blogger flew the entire family members as well as her close friends to Dubai. The proud mother threw a small but lavish first birthday party. Sharing photos of their arrival she wrote: “Hello Dubai! See who I brought to come meet you! Jayce is here; and of course, mama, papa and the whole crew. Hehe…life is great!”

The rich and famous blogger had initially planned to celebrate her son in Lagos but changed her mind and settled for Dubai instead. This she disclosed upon arrival in Dubai alongside her family. “My baby is full of joy! He is, by far, the best part of my life! Can’t wait to give him the best 1 year birthday ever………My heartbeat is turning 1 in a few days and I can’t contain myself. I was going to throw him a big party in Lagos but decided to take it to Dubai with my family and close friends for a more intimate and memorable birthday! This little man has given my life a whole new meaning since he came into it!” #blessed#imoneoftheluckyones#inDubaiforJayce” Linda’s younger sister, Laura also shared some photos of their arrival and wrote: “So we all came for Baby Jayce’ 1 year birthday partayyyyyyyy, we’re gonna have the best birthday partay ever!!! The ikejis throw the best parties I tell ya.”

The celebrity blogger later took to her Instagram page on Tuesday, September 17, 2019, where she shared photos from the birthday party. The ever happy mom flooded her page with several cute photos of the little one and accompanied her post with a sweet note. Linda described her son, Jayce, as the light of her life and the one who has given her life a completely new meaning and purpose. She added that she feels completely overwhelmed with the presence of the little one, saying that she loves him more than life itself.

Concluding the short note, the blogger appreciated the Lord for bringing Jayce into her life and wished him a happy birthday. She had so many cute words to say about her son, Jayce…”My heart, my whole life, the light in my life and the one who has given my life purpose and a whole new meaning, is one today! I’m completely overwhelmed. Don’t know what to say other than to say I love you more than life itself. I prayed for you and I thank God every day for answering my prayers and bringing you into my life. Happy birthday my son, my life, my world! Jayce is one!”

Jayce is the son Linda Ikeji welcomed with then partner Sholaye Jeremi. After welcoming her baby, the wealthy blogger got him a new car which was worth $310, 395 at that time. Linda Ikeji was the biggest controversial element of 2018 following the arrival of her baby. Then the identity of her baby daddy, stance against premarital sex, and her supposedly fake engagement were the major issues that trailed her post-delivery.

For years, most fans of Linda, 39, knew their model as a self-styled celibacy advocate known for her stance against premarital sex. The super baby mama would later say she was against “casual” not “premarital” sex. During her infamous beef with the Nigerian superstar, Wizkid, in April 2016, the latter accused her of sleeping with his music video directors and in response, Linda said, she was living a “celibate life”.

Recall that Linda Ikeji came under heavy criticism after she revealed her pregnancy outside wedlock. She even faced heavier criticism after she revealed that she and her baby daddy had gone their separate ways. She went on to tell-all how their relationship started and how the man dumped her after impregnating her.  But the controversial blogger would not clarify whether she was truly engaged as she had announced then.

Linda even made the suspense more intense as she posted on her Instagram page saying,” I was 100% celibate until I was ready to share my life with someone and I met the man of my dreams. Unfortunately, I can’t share him with the” And so when it became clear on May 20, 2018 that Linda was pregnant, it was a rude shock and then she became the butt of internet jokes. Critics also claimed she deceived gullible young ladies by preaching “celibacy”, while having a secret romantic affair that resulted in pregnancy outside of wedlock.

The blogger, who eventually welcomed the son named Jayce in the U.S. in September 2018, came under serious scrutiny over the paternity of the baby. She maintained a prolonged silence on the controversy. But in a shocking move that greeted the social sphere on a Friday morning sometime last year, Linda finally confessed, releasing photos of her three-month-old son, confirmed that a socialite, Sholaye Jeremi, is his father and also apologised to fans for “falling pregnant” outside wedlock, a thing she attributed to love.

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