The Elevation Church Expands to Ikorodu

Mary Nnah

In line with its vision to ‘make greatness common’, The Elevation Church (TEC), a non- denominational Christian ministry, has expanded its church expressions this month to include one in the Ikorodu, Lagos state, Nigeria.

The church, since its launch in October 2010, has grown from a community church with services holding at the Muson Centre, Lagos, to one with expressions in Lekki (Island Center); Greater Lekki; Mainland; LifePointe for the youth; Mississauga, Canada; and now, Ikorodu.

According to the Lead Pastor of The Elevation Church, Godman Akinlabi, “More than ever before, the challenges facing Nigeria require an unorthodox approach to surmount. In addition to spiritual wholesomeness, we at TEC are committed to leadership and character development in people.
“The impact our Greater Lekki expression has made within a short time proves that people are eager to embrace this practical life transformation and this has informed our decision to extend the impact to Ikorodu, whilst more are to come.”

TEC functions on a value system that encourages personal improvement through character and life skills development that are required to achieve success in life endeavours. The church tailors its messages and service offerings to suit the specific needs of the people in whatever locality it exists in, a reason for its consistent growth as many people resonate with the messages irrespective of geographical location.

Tunji Iyiola, Chief Operating Officier, TEC said “It is clear that the residents of the region are ready for The Elevation Church’s impact. We look forward to working in conjunction with the people of Ikorodu to transform the axis”. The church, pastored by Kola Fayemi, held its first service on Sunday, September 1, 2019 at No. 40 TOS Benson Road, opposite Ikorodu General Hospital.

“As a teaser of what is to come to the area, the budding expression carried out various outreaches within the Ikorodu axis in the month of August, including a ‘BRT outreach’ during which over 700 BRT bus tickets were gifted to commuters for four days; a ‘Jetty outreach’ which comprised the gifting of over 150 life jackets to the Sea Coach and Lagos State jetties; and an outreach at Jubilee Estate, Ikorodu which involved the repair and painting of the estate gate and a car wash evangelism.

“Due to the increase in the number of consistent worshipers and to accommodate for the different lifestyles arising from job schedules, family and social responsibilities, we have increased the number of services of the Island expression to three. From Sunday September 1, the services started holding at 7am, 9am and 11am.” added Iyiola.

All expressions of the church will focus on a relationship series tagged “Solid” this month of September. The series will focus on equipping singles and married couples with the knowledge to become whole, complete and secure in who they are.

The Elevation Church has been set up by God to develop people to be witnesses for Christ, while empowering them to achieve the highest levels of distinction and greatness in life. The church recently concluded the Ubomi Medical Outreach in March 2019, where it provided medical interventions for over 6500 persons including 400 surgeries conducted for beneficiaries in Lekki, Lagos.

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