New Courtroom Reality TV Show in the Works


If everything should go as planned,  a new courtroom reality television show, ‘The Justice Court’ will soon hit the airwaves. Produced by Avonix Nigeria Limited, the reality show is patterned after the popular daytime Emmy award winning arbitration-based court series, ‘Judge Judy’, produced by CBS Television. ‘The Justice Court’ is basically an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) model aimed at delivering fair and speedy judgment in a courtroom setting.

Already, the show is shot at the ultra-modern Hotsports Studios in Lagos. The producer Neil Oyenekan, is upbeat about the show. He is particularly excited that the show is a one-of-its-kind compared to other reality TV shows. Its peculiarity stemmed from the originality of the show both in concept and execution. He said that the show will be  dealing with real life judicial matters.

“The judiciary is one of the oldest institutions in the world and an economy, state or community cannot run without law and order. Beyond what happens at the federal high courts, there are lots of issues that need to be dealt with at the grassroots. So, when you have a show like this, which addresses people who are in the middle and lower classes, it educates them more – through a medium, which reaches every corner of the country and possibly the continent,” he said.

Explaining further, Oyenekan said that the ultimate objective of the show is to help decongest the regular courts, which are currently overwhelmed with huge number of cases, with litigants frustrated with long adjournments and judicial delays.

“Typically, ‘The Justice Court’ would resolve small claims, civil and family disputes within the ambit of the law, and within the shortest possible period. The litigants duly consent to the process and the judgment or mediation agreement reached by the parties is enforceable as a contract by both parties,” he stated.

Though no official debut date has been announced, the reality TV show is expected to start airing before the end of the year and will be available on both satellite and television networks across the country.