Why Is Wike in a Hurry to Congratulate Buhari?


It is a case of the oppressed rushing to seek the favour of the oppressor in full glare of the public, without shame or any shred of dignity.

One must ask why Governor Nyesom Wike is in such a hurry to publicly congratulate President Muhammadu Buhari on his victory at the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal, especially since this is an ongoing process.

The People’s Democratic Party which Wike is a prominent member of, has categorically stated that it will pursue the case to the Supreme Court, to get the justice which the party believes it has been denied.

Wike on the other hand, is on a Red Herring chase, validating the election of a man who as president, oversaw the militarisation of elections in Wike’s Rivers State, all in a bid to boot him out.

Apparently, Wike’s memory is not only short, he is exhibiting the symptoms of amnesia. Remember, he cried to high heavens about how security operatives were in cahoots with the APC to wrest Rivers State from his grasp at all costs.

It was ordinary Nigerians – whose voices were amplified by the media – that saved him, after a drawn-out process that meant the Rivers State election results were announced weeks after other election results of the 2019 general elections.

If President Buhari congratulated Wike after the fiercely fought battle that claimed lives and bastardised the democratic process, it must have been in private, most likely in the deeper recesses of Wike’s warped imagination.

However, following the understandable shock that trailed his unforgivable utterances, WIke doubled down and threw his fellow PDP governors under the bus. He would rather congratulate the president in public than visit him at night, he sneered.

But it’s not so long ago that Wike himself was accused of the same thing he is accusing his fellow governors of. Remember that it was alleged during the lead up to the PDP presidential primaries that Wike had a secret deal with President Buhari to make sure a “weak” candidate emerged as PDP flag bearer.

The Rivers governor fought tooth and nail to ensure current Sokoto Governor Aminu Tambuwal prevailed, to no avail.
His distasteful rush to congratulate the PDP’s nemesis during an ongoing battle only shows his disdain for his party’s candidate.