Onyema is a Model Nigerian!

Allen Onyema

At a time Nigeria is receiving spanks across the globe over one obnoxious act of crime or the other, a situation that is almost tarring everyone with the same criminal brush, one certain Nigerian gave an example of how a typical Nigerian acts and looks and that fellow is the CEO of Airpeace Airline, Mr. Allen Onyema.

The fallout of the recent xenophobic attacks in South Africa had left many Nigerians living in the former apartheid nation in despair and fears of what could happen next. Importantly, it left them helpless on what to do next and boom – Onyema appeared with a nearly impossible benevolence.

With over N270million naira put into bringing willing Nigerians back home, without any form of support from anywhere, Onyema broke boundaries and set a bar so high that corporate organisations would have serious rethink venturing into anything similar.

He won’t even bat an eyelid before putting so much personal resources into assisting people he had no relationship with except that they are Nigerians. He is a prototype Nigerian – a quintessential example of a true patriot and deserves not just commendation; his businesses deserve local supports at all times. Kudos, Mr. Onyema!