Inspire Me  Tells a Story on Ups and Downs of Immigrants 


The book’s project was inspired by the aim that no refugee, unaccompanied immigrant should think it is difficult to get blended into any system they find themselves, especially when it comes to language barriers.

Barnabas Udin, in this new book admonishes the obvious facts on immigrants. He further said: “I want to organise an event on integration and assimilation. These are two exemplary topics that need awareness and different approaches.

For instance, how Nigerians who have returned home from abroad, can easily get-on in Nigeria after many years outside of the country and also the type of mentality our youths who are planning on relocating abroad needs to adapt.’

According to ABF Workers Education Counselor, Sweden, ”Inspire Me is a very personal tale about Barnabas journey from Africa to Europe. The novel is a good mixture of humour, seriousness as well as an overall feeling of self-identification. Barnabas´s warm and including personality really came through in the book.”

He added that “Because the stigma that the “hustle sharp sharp come back, build house, buy cars for family members, and spray money around, isn’t helping some Nigerians quite much. These are some of the topics I’m interested in highlighting in my future project.