Favour Adebayo: Wed-for-Free Bouquet will Help Nigerians do Weddings without Stress


Many Nigerians have had their fingers burnt in the name of planning weddings. However, Mrs. Favour Adebayo, seasoned wedding planner and convener of Wed-For-Free Programme, is organising a wedding seminar where Nigerians can learn how to wed practically for free. She spoke to Labake Fashogbon 

What is the Wed-for-Free event is all about?

Wed for free Bouquet is a special wedding package offer, by Fadem Choice Events. It is a systematic and deliberate cooperation between intending couples and Fadem Choice Events, in which wedding is planned, financed and executed without couple going through economic, financial, and emotional stress.


What should participants expect at the seminar?

At the event, we would be teaching participants on how to draw an effective wedding budget because that is where the problem really lies. I doubt if there has ever been anyone who organised wedding and would say he or she kept within budget at the end of the day. The question is how to have effective wedding budget among other things. There is also the need to know how to leverage on social capital to wed and how you can qualify for our N1 million all-expense paid wedding package.


What do participants really stand to gain then?

They will gain knowledge of social capital as it relates to wedding planning. All Participants stand the chance to qualify for N1 million free wedding package. They will also enjoy free consultations, free planning and coordination for any wedding coming up between 1st of October 2019 -31st March 2020.


Do you really believe the ideas to be propagated at the event are practicable?

Yes, I believe. It is high time we started believing that we do not have to kill ourselves trying to please the society. 

 You will agree with me, that the Nigeria of today, one of the major considerations while thinking of wedding is finance, wed for free is a sure answer to that. Our ever dedicated, creative and professional team of event planners and vendors, with rich understanding of the Nigeria society and economy would always ensure our clients dream wedding is a memorable reality. We are in wedding business to realise your dream wedding.


You earlier spoke about preparing wedding budget. This seems to be a very thorny issue when planning a wedding. What do you say about this?

Budget is key when it comes to wedding planning. An effective wedding budget helps eliminate waste and guide against unnecessary spending that is associated with Nigeria weddings. It helps focus on what is important and needed not what is influenced by social media or family members.


Where is the event taking place and date?

The event is holding on the 21st September 2019 at The Pertinence Place in Egbeda Lagos.


Who and who are you expecting? I mean discussants? 

First of all, our seasoned facilitators. We have the likes of Mrs. Bosede Olusola Obasa the Chief Executive Officer of 1st Royal Character and Value (RCV) who will be taking Social Capital and Wedding Planning. There is also Mrs . Eunice Iwu Basil, the Chief Executive Officer of Dore Concepts Events who will handle Effective Wedding Budgeting. There is also Mr. Amos Yeboah Dacosta, the Marketing Manager of Pertinence Group and Chief Executive Officer of Maplandi Consult. He will be showing us ways to raise funds for your wedding. Then of course, my humble self will be sharing my experience of how I successfully planned, financed and executed a 300 guests capacity wedding with just N15,000 only. In terms of participants, we are expecting all engaged to be-married Nigerians and all eligible bachelors and sprinters; and also those looking for Job opportunity before wedding and those ready to get married in 2020 without further financial delay.


Who is Mrs. Favour Marcellina Adebayo?

Favour Marcellina Adebayo is an event planner with over many years of experience in the wedding event industry. She is passionate about helping clients realise their vision of a beautiful and memorable wedding within the confines of their budget. Her event mission is to bring creativity and professionalism to the business of wedding planning by delivering qualitative services at most affordable cost. She has been able to do this by strictly maintaining her event core value: Reliability, Integrity, Creativity and Honesty – R ICH.