Vanessa Cole Comes Into Her Own

Vanessa Cole

Vanessa Cole, the cherished daughter of Sahara Energy Boss, Tonye Cole has spread her wings. Still in her early 20s she finally stepped out of the cocoon of her parent’s care at a recent event. She waltzed in like a magnet drawing everyone’s attention on herself alone. With beauty that could cause the fall of nations, she sports a cherubic smile that mesmerizes onlookers into casting glances of adoration.

Vanessa inherited her father’s street-smarts and is no slouch in matters of fashion and high wit either having learned the trade from her mother at an early age. She has unlocked the secrets of the feminine arts and has melted many a baron’s heart with a word or glance. Despite all this, she maintains an aloof air and affects a modest demeanour in keeping with her Christian heritage.

Over two decades of hard graft, Tonye Cole, Co-Founder/Executive Director of Sahara Group has climbed to the top of the world. And now Vanessa, one of his daughters, is about to follow suit. The beautiful lady has begun to capture the public imagination with her sense of fashion and style. Her recent exploits on the fast lane has also sent wagging tongues into overdrive.

Vanessa revels in her status as one of the trendsetters setting the pace of fashion and style for the next generation. She exudes an unmistakable aura of calm elegance fuelled by her father’s status and the force of her own personality.

Whenever she steps out, heads swivel in her direction and wanton eyes pop out of their sockets. Vanessa has become the cynosure of high society. She is admired by many and desired by most of the eligible bachelors around; but none has yet summoned up the courage to ask Tonye for his precious daughter’s hand in marriage.

We learnt that the well-educated heiress has some interesting hobbies she cannot do without. She is a fun-loving lady with high taste for good life and extravagant life style

The beautiful lady stays faithful to the moniker Turn-Up Queen which she has adopted on social media site Instagram. Whenever there’s any high octane shindig happening anywhere, you can count on Vanessa turning up in hair-raising, spine-tingling attire.