Regus, Workspace Provider Offers Flexible Operational Bases


Mary Nnah

Over time, the growing need for workspaces that suits specific individuals and businesses needs has been a challenge in terms of cost, location and quality.

Regus an international workspace provider has said it offers flexible and affordable membership plans which allow businesses to operate anywhere without the need for set-up costs or capital investment.

And it provides customers with immediate cost benefits and the opportunity to fully outsource their office portfolio.

Regus services are also designed to enhance productivity and connect 2.5 million like-minded professionals; it’s an instant global community and a place to belong. The plans comprises of a lounge, co-working and office plan.

During a chat with Vice Chairman, Regus, Ayo Akinmade, he said “To many, co-working can seem like a foreign concept reserved for lone entrepreneurs and the super-creative. But as the concept of flexible working has evolved, today’s co-working spaces have become much more than just an office, attracting a diverse range of companies, in all shapes and sizes.

“Whether you are looking to run a remote team, build an enterprise, or offer greater flexibility and autonomy to employees, flexible workspaces can provide the answer.”

“Given the rise in real estate costs, flexible working provides an affordable solution for companies as they continue to grow and build their workforce. Since the financial crisis, access to funding has become a challenge for some businesses, thereby creating a barrier for those looking to obtain contracted office space.

“This is one area where the rise of flexible workspace has been particularly transformative, alleviating the significant financial burdens associated with renting office space in a premium location and levelling the playing field for companies unable to invest in permanent space.”

Speaking further, Ayo reiterated that, “flexibility is also a key draw here. Flexible workspace membership agreements give businesses the ability to scale up and down depending on activity levels.

“For example, for smaller businesses looking to expand rapidly in their early stages, this allows them to take on space as needed until they are ready to invest in a permanent contract. Furthermore, this agility allows businesses to be close to talent, suppliers and customers when needed.”

He said there are quite a number of interesting opportunities with Regus which includes helping you avoid set-up costs, capital investment and ongoing hassles, eliminating the burden of property management; it afford you getting one contract, simple reporting, a dedicated account manager and 24/7 Customer service and also add or reduce on flexible terms depending on your current needs and future requirements.

Other opportunities are that Regus gives access to technology, data security and a professional environment that make a workspace productive; access to a secure and strong internet connection and also provides a space for clients, business owners to have their lunch, coffee, meetings, do their printing and have access to high speed fibre internet. Short-term leases, such as daily or weekly, are onerous-free and provide added incentive.

“Above all, one interesting benefit of Regus Workspace is that you can have access to any of our branches closer to you at any of our locations and still work there in as much as you are a registered client with your access code and for more Information, visit”, Akinmade noted.