Cheering News for Billionaire Businessman, Scott Tommey As wife Delivers Triplet

Popular Abuja-based billionaire businessman, Scott Tommey is over the moon right now as his beautiful wife, Seiyefa, has blessed him with a triplet in faraway United States Of America recently. We gathered that mother and babies are in a very good condition. Like a kid giddy with delight after getting his first taste of Chocolate, Scott shared the joyous news to family and friends and congratulations have not stopped pouring in for the latest father in town.

Scott, undoubtedly one of the young business Turks emerging on the Nigeria economic landscape today. Tommey first hugged the headlines on his 40th birthday many years ago when he ferried hundreds of people to the Middle East for the party. Since then, the Chairman of Osmoserve Global Limited has covered many grounds with scores of mind-boggling business conquests.

Without equivocation, the Osmoserve Global Limited head honcho cuts the picture of a man immensely endowed with deep intelligence, a respectable voice and charitable authority in the marine and engineering services. But with a background so strained and full of struggles like his, Scott must have done something extraordinary to build a world-class multi-billion business enterprise , whose speciality has brought infrastructural transformation to the Niger-Delta region.

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