BBNaija Update: Tacha Eats the Humble Pie

  • Frodd’s Growing Tantrums

It took two strikes from Biggie for Tacha, the proud daughter of Port-Harcourt to express remorsefulness for her misdemeanours. The enigmatic Biggie issued her a second strike on Sunday night for her continuous disregard of his rules. He warned that a third strike will earn her an automatic disqualification.

The impact of his words must have weighed heavily on Tacha’s mind as she let go of her ego and finally went down on her knees during a diary session and apologised to Biggie, promising to be more tolerant and respectful henceforth. Her apology made her one of the trending housemates on social media this week. While her fans hailed her apology, some critics questioned the sincerity behind her motive. Nevertheless, Tacha who is also up for eviction with Sir Dee, Esther, Frodd, Cindy and Venita has a legion of fans who are unrelenting in their determination to keep her in the house till the last day.

The new week saw some interesting changes. There was the dissolution of the previous teams. The new teams formed are the Legends and Enigma. Seyi, Mike, Mercy, Elozonam, Diane, Ike and Cindy are in the Enigma team while members of the Legend team are Tacha, Omashola, Frodd, Esther Venita, Sir Dee and Khafi.

With Gedoni out of the house, Khafi is subtly showing her strategy. In an interesting twist, she chose Tacha to share the Head of House privileges with her to the surprise of all. One cannot term the duo best of buddies. Khafi’s move may be a strategy to sway Tacha’s fans to vote for her in case she finds herself on the eviction block.

Khafi is not the only one who got some tricks up her sleeves. Esther’s turnabout on her feelings towards Frodd surprised most of the housemates, notably Mercy and Diane who voiced their suspicion in a chit-chat. According to them, her feelings towards Frodd smacks of insincerity and they doubt if their ship will sail to a safe landing. Perhaps, to prove them wrong, Esther shared a brief kiss with Frodd on the runway during their Darling Hair presentation. Head over heels in love, Frodd confessed to Biggie that he hopes to get more kisses and he certainly should, particularly after he caused an uproar on social media when a clip of him washing Esther’s underwear surfaced.

However, Frodd’s belligerence seems to be getting worse everyday and the housemates are not happy that he is getting under their skin. He is being called many things such as troublesome, childish, emotional and any other insults you can think of. Even Cindy, who tried to accommodate him got a taste of his venom when she argued with him over a bottle of cashew nuts. That argument led to a bitter confrontation with Elozonam. Both housemates have no love lost between them since Elozonam used his veto power to place Frodd on eviction last week. It took the intervention of other housemates to prevent them from throwing punches.

It appears that Elozonam is not the only one Frodd has on his vendetta radar. He was quite upset that Ike who won the veto power this week chose to save Omashola and not him. Will Frodd ever let go of these grudges?