NGO Visits LUTH, Gives Cash Support to Indigent Sick Children


A non-profit organisation, Committee of Friends for Humanity (COFFHA) in furtherance to its vision to provide humanitarian assistance to alleviate the sufferings amongst women and children, visited the Pediatric Ward, Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Idi Araba, Lagos recently to provide emotional and financial support to indigent parents of children battling with different ailments at the hospital.

The COFFHA visit saw hope ignited among the beneficiaries as the charity organisation gave cash support to over 25 children from indigent families. The cash donation which many beneficiaries considered as a timely intervention was gladly received by parents of the sick children who expressed their gratitude for their kind gesture.

The beneficiaries include baby Joseph who has spent over 18 days in the incubator since after delivery, baby Agbeje, who has just been transferred from the incubator to a cot, a recently delivery in-born quadruplets among others.

Thanking the charity organisation for identifying with them in their time of need, one of the parents, Mrs Agbeja said the cash gift will go a long way in helping the family give their son the best treatment he needs to survive and live a healthy life.

The President, COFFHA, Mrs Carolyn Ufere, said the group, as part of its commitment to identifying with the needy amongst women and children, pays quarterly charity visits to orphans and sick people to give out cash support and other gift items to them.

She said, “We usually organise a quarterly event where we give out cash, food and gift items to orphans and sick people. This time around we decided to come to LUTH and see babies that are from indigent homes to offer assistance to their families to enable them to get the needed medical treatment to overcome their predicament,” said Ufere.

Disclosing that the visit to LUTH was the third of its kind this year, Ufere said COFFHA understands how challenging it can be for parents managing sick children, especially the cost of providing adequate medical treatment.

Against this backdrop among others, according to her, informed the group’s resolve for quarterly visit hospitals to give financial supports and other forms of assistance for the children.

Speaking further, COFFHA president appealed to the public, especially privileged individuals in the society, to spare a thought for the sick and show them love by extending assistance.

“My message to people out there is that in whichever way and however little you can afford, please extend and give out to those who are in need. Lend a helping a hand, it goes a long way. It might not solve the entire problem but it goes a long way in affecting lives,” she said.