Mouka Redirects Focus to Children in New Deal


Indigenous manufacturers of mattresses, Mouka Limited, has reiterated its commitment to children’s wellness and comfort in its new partnership deal with Supa Strikas.

According to the company, the essence of the collaboration was to drive awareness to its range of children’s products, especially, Dreamtime mattress, which beyond the business aspect, sought a comfortable life for Nigerian children.

As a result of the agreement, Supa Strikas, a comic magazine would henceforth be designed to showcase Mouka’s children products monthly.
Speaking on this development, Brand and Innovation Manager for Mouka, Jide Odelola, stated that the deal was part of organisation’s strategy to hit audience of one of its flagship products.

“Dreamtime mattress is a rare mattress technology in the Nigerian bedding industry. It is the first mattress of its kind for kids in Nigeria and offers water resistant cover and at the same time, breathable.

“Water resistant in the sense that water cannot penetrate through the fabric into the foam. And it’s also breathable in the sense that air can pass through. So it’s a new technology that we used for the production of the fabric.

“This is why the product is different from Mackintosh because people try to compare it with Mackintosh. The technology behind it is far beyond that of Mackintosh”.

The firm’s Senior Marketing Manager, Tolu Olanipekun, added that the company’s partnership with the comic publication was a business venture designed for Dreamtime’s positive positioning.

He said: “The engagement is poised to entrench brand loyalty with increased market share as dividend of the joint venture.

“The mattress is made with a special fabric that is water resistant which prevents water from soaking the foam. Sleeping on mackintosh often makes a child uncomfortable due to the texture and heat produced during sleep. Dreamtime, on the other hand, is covered with a soft and breathable fabric which keeps the body cool at night”.